" . . . if you TRI, you might fail . . . if you don't, you ensure it!"


Tri-Life Founders

When Tri-Life was first formed we wanted to promote a 'Round Table' leadership style where every founding member plays an integral part in the development, promotion and running of the team. Each founder brought a wealth of experience, qualification, and most importantly, passion to the team with the same first principal at the heart; to enjoy the sport they love with an ever growing family of like minded friends. 

Since then the team has developed and has now handed over the reins to our new 'Navigators' group, who will look after the day to day governance of the Warriors. The founders will remain as an oversight group, ensuring that our principles of equality and openness are always at the heart of our team.


Mum of two, Nurse, wife who decided to try to do one of them triathlon things in 2015 (could only breast stroke, didn't own a bike) . . . Addiction followed!


Career Fireman, Dad & Husband.
From a duathlon for charity to multi Ironman. Anything is possible! Train clever! Achieve your potential! 


After major sugery in 2009, I initially turned to cycling as a way of recouping my fitness, then along came triathlon and blew me away. 

Kelly T

Mum to two little boys, wife to Matt. Fitness in my 20s consisted of dancing in Loons. Dragged kicking to my first open water session in 2014 . . . never looked back.


Decided in 2013 that I needed to improve my fitness and lose weight so I could keep up with my 2 teenage children. Triathlon gives me the challenge that I need to focus on my future goals. 


Registered Nutritional Therapist working towards an MSc in Nutrition and Research. Discovered triathlon in 2014 when Cheryl made me do one! 
Aspire to complete an Ironman 70.3 and find a flattering trisuit.


Fitness professional for 20 years, mum of two. Passion for training hard to reach new highs. My addiction to see everyone be the best they can is contagious, be warned!


Dad, husband, teacher! Found triathlon in my 30s, was told I had talent, trained like a dog and made Team GB in 2013. Top Brit, AG Euro Bronze, National silver and a load of crazy mad experiences since. Love it!

Kelly B

Mother to 2 gorgeous girls, wife and a Social Worker. I've always enjoyed exercise, just attending my local gym, fancied a challenge in 2012 and completed the GNR. Loved it and went from there.

Motto "Don't wish for it, Work for it!"


As somone involved in fitness all of my life and in particular swimming, triathlon came as an easy choice. I am looking forward to seeing our warriors develop and grow.


Coming to my first triathlon in my 60s has given me a new focus on my health and what I am capable of. Quitting smoking, losing weight and experiencing long bike rides and open water swimming are things I never thought I could do.


Full time student studying for a Degree in Art. I was inspired by watching others, so I joined the triathlon world...loving it.